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 WaxingThe Eyebrow Threading Bar is a beauty salon where you can go to pamper yourself and take advantage of many great services. Based in Emerson, NJ, we opened it in 2016 but have over 5 years of hands-on experience, which is why we are able to do so much for you. Here, however, we would like to share more about the waxing services we can provide each one of our clients with. So, if you would like to know how we can help you get summer ready, just keep reading!

 We know how annoying body hair can be, especially if you have more of it than you would like, you want to show some skin in a cute skirt or dress, or want to wear your bikini confidently. No matter which area of your body you want to have waxed, we are ready and eager to help you. From full body to facial waxing, we do it all and make sure it’s done well. Just set up an appointment with us and tell us which body parts you want to be waxed, and we will deliver!

 All the members of our team are great experts who do everything really carefully. Whether it is full, partial, body, or facial waxing, we will do as you wish, leaving your skin soft and smooth. We only use high-quality products that help us remove more hairs with a single movement, and we do not irritate the skin, either. Thanks to our precision and good wax, you will soon have baby soft and beautiful skin that will make you feel good and a lot more confident.

 If you need more information about the waxing services we provide the people from the Emerson, NJ area with, you should give The Eyebrow Threading Bar a call or simply stop by the salon. In case you want to contact us over the phone, dial (201) 664-8473 today!


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