All about the Cosmetic Services Offered at Our Salon

The Eyebrow Threading Bar has been in the beauty business for 5 long years. We are well-known in Emerson, NJ for the high-quality services we provide to our customers. We invest in quality beauty products for our cosmetic services and only employ qualified and experienced professionals. Keep on reading to find out more about our services.

Cosmetic Services

Eyebrow threading

Have you been trying to get that perfect eyebrow shape? We are more than willing to help you with that. Visit our salon and get the flawless eyebrows you have always wanted to have. Once you choose our threading services, you will be very happy that you did.

  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Upper lip Threading
  • Chin Threading
  • Cheeks Threading
  • Neck Threading
  • Full Face Threading
Eyelash extension services

Eyelash extension services

If you have beautiful eyes, highlight that asset with eyelash extensions. If you are already tired of applying mascara every day, we have synthetic and permanent eyelashes available for you. We can also give you advice on how to properly take care of your extensions.

Waxing services

Waxing services

Regular waxing is essential if you want to get smooth, sexy legs. Get regular procedures at our salon and forget about the unwanted hair growth on your body. We use products that are medically tested from skin irritations and allergies. If you are to attend a special occasion, schedule a waxing treatment with us months before the event to see how your skin will react. If everything is fine, we can proceed with another treatment a few days before the event.

  • Legs
  • Hands
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Under Arm
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian
Hair Massage

Hair Massage

Massaging your scalp can help ensure that hair grows out healthy and strong. A regular massage on your scalp can improve blood circulation and reduce stress. Come to us and let us provide you with the relaxing massage that you want. 



We offer all kinds of skin treatment procedures for the face. This includes steam, extraction, exfoliation, creams, lotions, facials, masks, peels, and others. We can help you deal with these acne scars or just take care of your sensitive skin and keep it nice and hydrated. Among the products we use, you can find paraffin wax, clay, glycolic, and other oily or cream-based masks.


  • Mini Facial
  • Full Facial
Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo

The greatest thing about the ink used in Henna tattoos is that it is all natural. You do not need to worry about skin diseases and infections. Another benefit of choosing henna tattoos is that they cost less than most of the chemical inks. If you have a custom design that requires drawing in details, this is also the better choice as the liquid is easy to work with and guarantees this depth to the tattoo.

For more questions about our services, contact us at (201) 664-8473 today. We can help you feel and look fabulous!


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